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What's It About, Anyway?

My background is in science and computers, but when some spiritual things happened to me when I was 25, I was forced to take a closer look at how the universe really works. During the subsequent 13 years I researched both modern and ancient philosophy, physics, religion, spirituality, psychology and success principles. I moved around a lot, worked many different roles, was a Christian for a while, participated in various aspects of the New Age community and a major UFO research group, and became a qualified personal trainer.

For most of this time I suffered terribly from hearing voices, suicidal depression, isolation, and feelings of loneliness, worthlessness and fear. It's been an experience that has nearly driven me around the twist, but it also catalysed an awful lot of thinking, soul-searching, research, and ultimately deep subconsious healing and forgiveness. These mental health issues, combined with my scientific/technical education and the world wide web, led me to develop my own unique philosophy about the universe, drawing ideas from science, religion and philosophy. I came to believe that what we call God is not separate from science, but can be understood scientifically, as can many other spiritual phenomena.

The book is organised into 3 sections. In the first section I do my best to explain my ideas using concepts from physics, mathematics, astronomy and computer science. In the second section, I talk about some of the things I've learned about healing the mind. The third section discusses ways of using this new understanding of the mind and the universe to change your life.

I really hope you like the book; or at least, not hate it :) I put a lot of work into it, and the whole process was very difficult. It isn't perfect, not by a long shot. It is self-published - I did all the editing, the cover design, the images, everything, and I have no experience. It needs professional attention, and when the time is right I may organise that and release a 2nd edition. Also, my philosophy has evolved since writing the book, and there are a few things I would like to change. You've been warned! Having said that, I've had mostly positive feedback so far, and I truly believe that it contains some unique and original ideas about the universe, the mind and our planet, and that it will be of genuine value to anyone who reads it. Enjoy!

Table of Contents:



1.Introduction to Metaphysics


1.The Thinking Universe

2.Quantum Physics

3.The Mind Field

4.The Law of Attraction

5.The Holographic Universe

6.The Subconscious Mind

7.Extra-Sensory Perception

8.Ancient Wisdom



1.Purpose, Plan and Passion




5.Thought Control




2.Keys to Success

3.Obstacles to Success




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